Meet Our Artists

We are a small team of talented artists with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to hearing from you.

Gary Biel

Acrylic Artist

Born and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Garys’ art is inspired by the people, culture and landscapes of the desert Southwest. His art captured the attention of his high school art instructor, and he was offered a college art scholarship, which he declined to pursue a more “practical” career. Years later, Gary spent several years in Europe, living in Paris, Amsterdam, and Torremolinos, Spain.
Inspired by the people and architecture, he supported himself by selling pen and ink drawings. He spent the last few months of his tour as a working pirate aboard a recreation of a Spanish galleon, The Everi.

In a storm, the Everi took on water and sank just offshore of Cartagena, Spain. Gary returned home and took over the reins of the Allied Enterprises Inc.then a family construction business, and transformed it into a successful landscaping design and maintenance company, which is still thriving after 30 years. Recently, Gary has dedicated himself to his art, with a mind to make up for the years of more “practical” pursuits. On a good day you will find Gary in his art loft, making up for lost time.If you are curious about his adventures, contact him.

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Robert Highsmith

Watercolor and Acrylic Artist

“I have always been interested in painting, ever since I was a child. I remember getting into my first art show in 2nd or 3rd grade with a watercolor of an eagle sweeping down on a rabbit. In high school I was in the Art Club, this was in East Anchorage High, in Alaska. My teacher, Carl Appel, got a couple of my watercolors in a show in Canada at that time. I was thrilled. After a couple thousand other painting, I still have the interest. 
“I was an “army brat” growing up. We moved 35 times in my first 18 years. We were stationed in the southwest on more than one occasion. When our family moved back “home” to Las Cruces, NM, from Alaska, I attended New Mexico State University. After one year at NMSU, I decided to attend an art school.  I told my favorite teacher, Mr. Barrick, that I wanted to become a commercial artist, and make $35,000 a year. He said I would not be happy doing that, but because I was smarter than my teacher, I left anyway. My first assignment in the Commercial Program at the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida was a poster entitled “Its Pumpkin Time”. That is when I switched to the Fine Arts program, and had some of the best years of my getting educated life. Several years later after graduating, I went back to my teacher and told him he was right. I had to, because he was.

Penny Simpson

Watercolor and Acrylic Artist

I’m a New Mexican artist that doesn’t do much traditional “southwestern” art. I work primarily in watercolors and acrylics and I’m a signature member of the New Mexico Water Color Society. I’ve been lucky enough to win quite few awards in art shows both locally and nationally. I painted a Trail of the Painted Pony, “Apple-oosa” that was reproduced as ceramic collectable miniature (now retired). I most enjoy doing pieces of art that are pretty bold, very realistic and full of light.

Patricia Black

Watercolor and Acrylic Artist

Gourd Artist

As an Artist, I am drawn to form and color. Never one to shy away from various subjects, styles or mediums. Most of all I love the graphic side of art – bold lines, tight brushwork, steady hands.

Virginia Maria Romero

Acrylic | Digital | Master Santera | Poet

Virginia Maria Romero is a visionary artist with works in public and museum permanent collections, as well as numerous private collections throughout the United States and abroad.

​”​Without specific intent, my work begins… a subconscious evolution to render form. The effort at once seamless and fluid, a co-mingling of pigment, touch, and spirit moves towards shape and purpose. The now recognizable images translate as symbols of new life steeped in mystery from which they were born. In their eyes is a voice that speaks of secrets. If you look and listen closely you will hear them too.” ~VMR

Rhoda Winters

Acrylic | Colorist

     I grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where I was captivated by music, art and the Organ Mountains as a small child. I studied drawing and painting under Muralist Ken Barrick at New Mexico State University, where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing. I’ve done archaeological artifact rendering, stage backdrops and murals as well as paintings. I love to explore the influence of color, and the ways natural patterns interact with each other. Whether I’m painting realistically, or more abstractly, my work is consistently Colorist.

Russell Tether

Image: Russell Tether with Alexandre Calder, PUP, 1949

Collector | Entrepreneur | Founder

Russell Tether has been managing private and corporate collections of fine art for over 30 years. An entrepreneur and founder of several companies, he integrates his business and art expertise, developing successful collection management strategies for individual, corporate and municipal clients. He also contributes to numerous professional catalogues and publications and is a much sought-after speaker for fine art market trends.

In 2009, he began Russell Tether Fine Arts Associates (RTFAA), building and managing collections of art for clients, which include private and public collections, museums, estates, and corporations. Recently, RTFAA has been focusing on assisting corporations and municipalities make a positive impact on their cities and employees through the acquisition and installation of quality art in public places. Russell Tether manages public art programs for multiple cities throughout North Texas including Ennis, Westlake, and McKinney.

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